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About Movalle 

Industrial designer & artist based in Guatemala City

As a Designer

Manuel Ovalle is a young industrial designer who, in the past years has led several projects specialized in digital manufacturing, material science & prototyping , always employing user-centered design & sustainability foundations. 

Some of Movalle´s projects has been elected to be part of international design exhibitions & contest.

Movalle is his designer name, he works on independent  & collaborative projects, as well Movalle is open to design consultancies and collaborations.

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At present Manuel Ovalle

  • Work´s at the Research & Development Center at Cementos Progreso, one of the greatest cement companies in the region, being head of design of a full-scale concrete 3D printing research project (housing scale), as well is the printer operator.

  • Develops independent & collaborative design projects such as Movalle, his personal design name.

  • It´s a professor at the Industrial Design Bachelor at Rafael Landivar University in Guatemala City.

  • Is an active member & Impact Officer (2022-2023) of Global Shapers, Guatemala City Hub (a WEF initiative).

As an Artist

After four years of study in plastic arts, with the prestigious Guatemalan master Humberto Coronado and four years as assistant of the also prestigious master Rubin Solorzano, he adopts an innovative trend in dry techniques, with his work he has exhibited in Guatemala and Mexico, in group and individual exhibitions.
Currently, he continues his particular art studies and painting with different techniques.

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