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About Movalle 

Industrial designer based in Guatemala City

As a Designer

Manuel is a Guatemalan industrial designer who has dedicated a significant portion of his career to the application and development of additive manufacturing methods for construction and high-fidelity prototyping.

With his work, Manuel aims to create products and spaces that promote more sustainable behaviors in users while proposing alternative materials and processes to empower the local industry.

Some of his independent projects have been selected for international competitions, as well as projects in collaboration with the brands he works for. Additionally, Manuel is passionate about education and serves as a design professor at local universities

Movalle is his designer's name, he works on independent  & and collaborative projects, as well Movalle is open to design consultancies and collaborations.

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At present Manuel Ovalle

  • Works at the Research & Development Center of Progreso, one of the greatest construction solutions companies in the region, being head of design of a full-scale concrete 3D printing research project (housing scale), as well as the printer operator and 3D designer.

  • Develops independent and collaborative design projects such as Movalle, his designer's name.

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