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Featured independant projects 

Trazo - promoting local manufacturing
  • 2020 Iberoamerican Design Biennale elected piece

Trazo pen is the tangible representation of how the collaboration between design and small workshops, can transform the local industry of emerging economies, evidencing the quality with which the local industries can produce design objects, providing economic utility to small companies, and diversifying their services.​

Aluminum CNC machined retractable pen with a micro concrete stand.

Seleccionado BI22_negro.png
  • Awardee (short listed) Ein und Zwanzig 2021, World´s Finest Design Talents,German Design Council.
  • 2022 Iberoamerican Design Biennale Elected Piece

I-Mountain is a dripper for pour over coffee extraction methods.
Inspired by Guatemalan mountainous and volcanic coffee plantations, it is casted with a high-performance polished micro-concrete (terrazzo) and aims to enhance the coffee extraction experience of  coffee shops customers.

Project in collaboration  with Icoffee Solutions Guatemala

  • Elected pieces for Inédito exhibition from Design Week Mexico, CDMX 2023-2024 

It is a set of luminaires inspired by the stepped structures of pre-Hispanic Mesoamerican cultures. It aims to be an ambiance piece for work and relaxation spaces with soft warm lighting and an exquisite visual contrast between polished terrazzo and Rosewood that evokes native materials.

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  • Elected pieces for Inédito exhibition from Design Week Mexico, CDMX 2022-2023 


Is a coffee thermos manufactured from a high-performance, food-safe urethane polymer. Its minimalist design with a low center of gravity prevents spills and burns with its "anti-flip" effect, also the design incorporates an ergonomic finger grip, creating a more user-friendly experience.


Is a set of coffee tableware made from the development of a high-strength waterproof concrete reinforced with microfibers, contrasting it with local artisans' handmade Teak wood pieces. Creta proposes a disruption through alternative and sustainable materials.

These projects exemplify the potential of design to iterate between the materials and processes of modern manufacturing industries and the local artisan skills impacting in both ways and generating product-based identity through coffee as a representative crop of Latin America.

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inedito 1_1.png
inedito 1_1.png
VÜ Lamp & MO Lamp
  • Elected pieces for Inédito exhibition from Design Week Mexico, CDMX 2020-2021 

​VÜ Lamp

As a tribute to active volcanoes in Latin America, Vü is a decorative luminaire with a slim frame of high-performance white micro concrete, hand polished and reinforced with microfibers, incorporating exposed volcanic aggregates in the finish, contrasted with reclaimed Conacaste wood and a warm LED lighting, evoking the luminescence of a crater.

Mo Lamp

It is a pendant luminaire cast in low-density gray micro concrete based on: Crushed waste plastic, cement, sand, air injector & superplasticizer admixtures. Exposing through polishing the colors of the plastic aggregate and contrasted with support of reclaimed conacaste wood lathed by hand. Mo aims to demonstrate how through materials science and the experimentation of their properties is possible to introduce atypical raw materials for design applications.

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Projects developed at Pogreso (GT)
Disclaimer: all rights of this project are property of Progreso. These are authorized publications.
Concrete 3D printing research project (2022)  


Progreso Guatemala, as a region innovation pioneer, purchased and installed the first COBOD concrete 3D printer in Latam in early 2022 intending to develop a 3D printable specialized concrete.  As an industrial designer, Movalle has worked as a designer at the Research & Development Center of Progreso since 2019 In this flagship project.


Movalle is responsible for designing, 3D modeling, and G-coding each element to print. Also, he is the operator of the Bod-2 printer.​

Click here to learn more about Progreso & COBOD printers.

MOD - Modular 3D printed station (2022)  


The spaces we design build behaviors in people.

MOD is a modular proposal for urban furniture manufactured through concrete 3D printing. These modules create alternatives to build public spaces in urban and peri-urban areas of Latin America. Providing communities with the ability to modulate their urban environment based on their needs with high-strength prefabricated designs. This design can generate a wide variety of spaces (bus stations, beach furniture, lecture station for parks etc..) ,  building cities friendlier cities and more receptive to people.


MOD is the tangible result of one of the first concrete 3D printing research projects in the region.

Influunt Chair (2022)  


Influunt chair is a piece of outdors long-lasting furniture manufactured by a single perimeter of 3D-printed high-strength concrete. The morphology of this design allows the concrete to receive high loads without steel or fiber reinforcement. 

Also, its low volume allows two people to transport it by hand without heavy machinery.

Design consultancy for Cinderfit (U.S) 
CinderFit Workout  

In 2021 Movalle was involved as a design consultant in the design process of CinderFit`s workout block, redesigning an existing concept and developing the manufacturing blueprints, also determining pantones and positions of the text in the five blocks.

CinderFit was launched to the market in the U.S in April 2022.

"Inspired by the classic cinder block - the basic building block that has been utilized globally since the late 1800s for the construction of houses, walls, and buildings - CinderFit's patent-pending design allows fitness enthusiasts to do 10x more exercises than a dumbbell or kettlebell, providing unrivaled total body strength and cardio training." - Extracted from CinderFit`s official website.

All rights of this project are property of Cinderfit.

This is an authorized publication.

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